Alright, its not exactly what we wanted, but today as I was thinking about some of the great stuff Mr. Tiki had I was thinking about the games. Which reminded me that some of them were up on newgrounds. Here is the page that lists and links to all the games “MrTikiGames” has posted. The Star of Anan, The Temple Gems, Mr. Tiki Sudoku, Lady LaCroix Brew N Stew, and Varmol Mayhem are all avaliable to play and in working order. Which is better than nothing. So have fun, and maybe throw a few positive ratings their way while you’re at it. 🙂


Well, its not the best news we all want-that Mr. Tiki is back up and running- but it’s good news all the same.

Some of you may have seen this already, but I only just noticed. You probably remember this topic on bbmmo that has been such a useful source of info. Well, recently mrdweedles posted an update on there.

We’re not done done… we still are looking at harvesting the data off of our fried harddrive and then reinstalling it.

Alright, it isn’t a promise or news of success, but at least it proves it isn’t quite over yet, and I know most of us had already given up hope. So-hope on guys! At least a little. But don’t give up entirely on our beloved Mr. Tiki quite yet.

Not really news, but some of you might be interested. We all miss Mr. Tiki and on this bbmmo topic, Roy posted links to images of the Book of Legends. Figured some of you might enjoy seeing something from Mr. Tiki again.

Now the usual homepage of Mr. Tiki, which many noticed has not been working recently, has a convenient little note letting us know that we can see this topic on bbmmo to figure out what’s going on and get updates. Update! Now there are also two images of what’s going on.

Some of this is kinda old, but the last two posts are from Volte6. The first one, that Roy alerted me to in comments reads, “We are awaiting our hard drive to be shipped to us. Once we receive that we’ll be able to look into data recovery options…”

Most importantly, is this comment from today:

We’ve received our Hard Drive. We’re looking into data recovery services now. It looks like we’ll continue to be down for a little while.

So. Basically, they have the hard drive and they will see what can be done. I think there’s hope.

Well, if you still check up on here, you probably noticed Mr. Tiki being down. You may have noticed this conversation  between mommacats and Roy about it:

M: Mr. Tiki is down; computer crashed. Data may be gone. Sad.


No wonder it says ‘Server not found’…
I thought it was just my internet connection being bad…

Where did you get the news?

M: Via fryolla directly from Volte. He checked the computer it was running on and discovered it had crashed. If it is expensive to restore it will not be repaired. =(

And…there you have it. I bet we all hoped it was just our own computer/internet, but unfortunately, no. It’s quite possibly the end of our much-beloved Mr. Tiki. Maybe not. But we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Halloween is back in Mr. Tiki complete with a ghost ship and a home decoration contest! Remember to stay up until night fall at least once this month to get awesome items from the ship. And check out the contest here. Now…are you ready to get scared? I mean, really really scared? Are you sure? Okay, but you asked for it….


I thought it would be nice for you guys to all see the latest word from Volte6, so I am now converting his comment on this page into a quote in this post.

We’re considering some changes to MrTiki that will change the whole experience and format, and also differentiate us. Stay tuned.

Also, this post on bbmmo:

Dweedles and I have been discussion a huge change for MrTiki that we think will really make it exciting to play for everyone again, and on an ongoing basis… I expect to announce more soon.

Hm…Well, he’s obviously not giving anything away, but at least we know the staff has been plotting for us lately 🙂 So apparently change and ongoing activity is on the horizon once again for Mr. Tiki! I know I’m excited, but what are you guys thinking?

You may or may not remember this, but I promised this to you back when the woo arcade came out. Well, I finally made myself do it, and even though I’m really bad at game guides, I think its pretty good. remember you can always add comments to help the guide get better. Here it is (and sorry for the delay).